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Search Engine Market Share in 2022

I've been tracking search engines since the days before Google. Now it's hard to imagine the internet without Google.

In January of 2022 you can find a range of data on Google's market share - numbers vary slightly between countries and the global data, but I didn't find any english speaking country in which Google isn't the leader in search by a very strong margin. In Canada, using data from January 2021 to January 2022, Google accounts for 91% of searches performed. In some markets that may be as low as 86%. Whatever the exact numbers, it's crystal clear that Google is a very important consideration in the field of search engine optimization.

However important Google is, there are still a growing number of other search engines. Their market share is low enough that you might be more interested as a user of search than as a website owner or designer. Keep an eye on the various ways newer search engine options offer to protect your privacy, that has no bearing on the quality of the results the offer when you search, but it has appeal to end users.

January 2021 to January 2022

DATA SOURCE: Statcouter

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Search Engine Market Share

What Search Engines will be most relevant and interesting this year?

In 2021, I made these predictions... (ya, I was a bit off, I had hopes for you Dogpile!)

If I were to speculate about what dozen search engines will be the most influential in 2021, this would be the list I would propose:

Google - Still the big one to watch

Duck Duck Go - Great for privacy

Bing - Still Microsoft...

Dogpile - A worthwhile resource

Yippy - It's IBM Watson driven

Google Scholar Search - for academic searches

Webopedia - online tech dictionary, new concept, valuable resource

Start Page - Privacy in search

Yahoo - Yep, still around, old school

Internet Archives - Not just websites, other online resources too!

Ask - if you like Bing and Yahoo, try this.

Baidu - like Google for China

Players come and Players go..., one of the early players in search (founded in 1996) will be going dark as of May 1 2022 - they were, once upon a time, an immensely valuable source of keyword information amongst other things, and it's sad to see them go. The world of search is changing. The marketing of search, both the selling of your eyes as a user of search and the marketing of information to you as a website owner/designer has chanaged a lot over the past decades. Some aspects of change I find more palatable, some less so. Information that used to be freely available has become recognized as a comodity and that might be the driver behind most changes in search in recent years.

That might sound cynical (ok, it definately sounds cynical) but I'm still hopeful that, in the future, search engines can be increasingly useful to both website owners and to people searching for resources on the internet.

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